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Star Trek’s George Takei Has Already Broken His Vow Not To Diss William Shatner After Comments On Space Flight

A little over a month ago, George Takei appeared on The Graham Norton Show and made a shocking declaration. Takei explained that he would no longer publicly discuss his feud with former Star Trek co-star William Shatner and seemingly put a cap on it by calling him a “cantankerous old man.” After a period of silence, Takei has broken his vow by speaking ill of Shatner and his much-publicized space flight

George Takei spoke to Mirror recently, and weighed in about William Shatner’s flight with Jeff Bezos to share his thoughts on the achievement. Takei picked apart Shatner’s space flight and contested that he might actually have more experience in one specific element of the experience than the former Star Trek star did: 

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