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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds’ Anson Mount Just Dropped An Unbelievable Claim About Season 2, But I’m Still Excited

Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is just one of several Trek shows returning in 2023, but it’s fair to say it’s also one of the most anticipated. Season 1 received widespread acclaim for its bold and inventive storytelling approaches, and the cast has claimed that the second season raises the stakes even higher. Now, Anson Mount is really upping the ante by making a truly unbelievable claim about Season 2. And while I can’t truly wrap my head around it, I’m still excited all the same to be proven wrong. 

Anson Mount was one of many Star Trek guests who participated in Trek*talks 2 over the weekend. During the event, the previously announced crossover between Strange New Worlds and Lower Decks became a topic of discussion. The sheer idea of the live-action and animated series having a mash-up is totally bonkers on its own. However, according to Mount, it doesn’t top something else that the cast and crew filmed for the upcoming season: 

That’s not even the craziest thing that we did. There’s one episode I’m thinking of towards the end of the season—and you’ll know when you see it—where it required us to work many weekends. But we were so excited about it, it was not laborious. We were excited to show up for Sunday rehearsals and all the things we’re having to do to pull together this one episode. We’re really excited about it.

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