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Seinfeld Fans Are Discovering The Show Is On Netflix, And The Responses Are Real And Spectacular

You know a show is ridiculously popular when decades after it’s wrapped up, the public continues to watch and reference it. Seinfeld unquestionably falls into that category, because along with the NBC sitcom remaining a rerun staple on traditional TV, it’s also been available for Netflix subscribers to stream since October 2021. However, plenty of people are only just now discovering Seinfeld being housed at Netflix, and their responses, much like the breasts of Jerry’s ex-girlfriend Sidra (played by Teri Hatcher), are real and spectacular!

With so many shows to keep track of on the 2023 TV schedule already, you wouldn’t be faulted for wanting to take a break from the content that’s currently airing and play some Seinfeld episodes on Netflix instead. But let’s be real, there are also folks who are checking out Seinfeld for the first time (many of whom likely weren’t even alive when it was originally running). Should you fall into that latter cap, then Netflix’s description of the show may intrigue you.

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