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Power Rangers Star Explained Why They’ll Be Missing From Netflix’s 30th Anniversary Special

30 years ago, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers premiered on TV and took pop culture by storm, and the Power Rangers franchise as a whole continues to go strong today. To celebrate how it all began, this coming April will see the release of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always, a standalone special bringing back many of the original Mighty Morphin actors. However, Amy Jo Johnson, one of the few alums who’s not participating, has explained why she’ll be missing from the special that Netflix subscribers will be able to watch.

Amy Jo Johnson starred as Kimberly Hart, the first Pink Ranger, in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and later reprised the role for 1997’s Turbo: A Power Rangers Movie. However, outside of cameoing in 2017’s Power Rangers movie as an Angel Grove citizen alongside her late costar Jason David Frank, Johnson hasn’t been involved with the franchise in more than two decades, but evidently she was asked to appear in Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Once & Always. The actress said the following on Twitter about why she’s not appearing in it:

For the record I never said no…I just didn’t say yes to what was offered. But other fun stuff is in-store! Looking forward to watching my friends kick ass! 😘 #PowerRangers30

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