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Peacock Follows Netflix’s Lead By Canceling A One-Season Show And More


There’s something uniquely cruel about spending your precious time watching and getting invested in a series before later learning about its cancellation. However, this has become more common as of late, especially on streaming services like Netflix, which recently angered fans with multiple rounds of cancellations after one-season runs. Now, Peacock is following Netflix’s lead by axing two series. 

Peacock’s Vampire Academy has officially been canceled by Universal’s streaming service after just one season. The decision was made three months after the Season 1 finale aired. It was the latest series for The Vampire Diaries showrunner Julie Plec, who previously hyped it up as “Bridgerton and the Hunger Games” with vampires. Upon word of its cancellation, one of the stars in the Vampire Academy’s cast Jonetta Kaiser took to Instagram to share her thoughts. 

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