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Netflix’s That ’90s Show Features A Major Beverly Hills, 90210 Homage, Including One Of The Original Actors Appearing

Warning: SPOILERS for the That ‘90s Show episode “The Birthday Girl” are ahead!

As was the case with the 1970s when That ‘70s Show was airing, Netflix’s That ‘90s Show throws in a lot of pop culture references from the titular decade, from Eric Foreman drinking a Zima in the first episode to his daughter Leia attempting to rent Clerks in the following episode. That ‘90s Show’s sixth episode, a.k.a. “The Birthday Girl,” has a particularly big ‘90s homage, as it sees Leia, played by Callie Haverda, diving deep into her Beverly Hills, 90210 fandom. Even better, one of the stars from the popular teen drama shows up, with Brian Austin Green reprising David Silver.

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