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Netflix Producer Explains Why Zack Snyder’s Rebel Moon Was Split Into Two Movies


Despite a segment of Zack Snyder’s fanbase pushing the #SellTheSnyderVerseToNetflix campaign, i.e. have him finish up his DC movies work over at that streaming service, even if that wasn’t a pipe dream, the filmmaker is keeping busy enough with original projects over at Netflix. In 2021, he released Army of the Dead and intends to helm the sequel Planet of the Dead, and right now, he’s putting together his two-part sci-fi epic Rebel Moon. Now a Netflix producer has explained why Rebel Moon was split into two movies rather than be kept as one. 

Originally envisioned as a Star Wars movie that he pitched to Lucasfilm prior to the company being purchased by Disney, Zack Snyder redeveloped the project years later and set it up at Netflix in the summer of 2021. Ori Marmur, who runs Netflix’s original studio film group with Kira Goldberg, is excited for the public to see how Rebel Moon turned out, and when asked by Variety wha gave him the “confidence” to have Snyder make these two movies back-to-back, he answered:

Zack came in with so much passion. This is a film that he’s had in mind for decades. As you know, he’s spent so much time working on other people’s IP at other studios. We worked with him on Army of the Dead and we did things that others couldn’t do. We made a film and then a prequel and launched a live experience. With Rebel Moon he wanted to push the envelope again. When we saw how big the world he created was, we thought it would be better served as two pieces versus one film. It’s the kind of story that can continue to grow. He thinks of it as his take on making something like Star Wars.

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