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M3GAN Writer Akela Cooper Recalls ‘Forced’ Studio Meetings About ‘Black Trauma’ Horror Flicks After Get Out


The horror genre has been experiencing a thrilling renaissance over the last few years, thanks to returning franchises and wholly original concepts. Gerard Johnston’s M3GAN is in the latter category, and is a bonafide box office hit after its trailer went viral months ago. The new horror movie’s meme-able screenplay was written by none other than Akela Cooper, who recently recalled some “forced” studio meetings about “Black trauma” horror flicks after the release of Get Out.

Filmmaker Jordan Peele is a true horror auteur, with three acclaimed movies currently released. But it all started with Get Out, which became an Oscar winning hit. M3GAN writer Akela Cooper recently opened up about how various studios tried to follow suit and mix real-life horrors from the Black community into the genre. She spoke to The Wrap about some meetings with studios about potential writing gigs that felt “forced” to her. As she put it,

I had various general meetings with various studios around when Get Out came out that felt forced. ‘Oh, Akela Cooper, like she writes genre’ But those meeting were ‘Can you write horror that speaks to Black trauma or has something to say?’ I could, but also, it’s a revolutionary act to just have a horror movie with Black people where they don’t die, and they just exist. We [non-white male screenwriters] can do that too.

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