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Karrion Kross, Who Was Let Go By Vince McMahon, Explains How He Feels About The WWE Chairman Coming Back

2021 was a chaotic year for some WWE talent, as a good number of prominent superstars were released by the company. Karrion Kross was released by Vince McMahon, and like Bray Wyatt and others, returned to the company once McMahon stepped down and Triple H took over as head of creative. Now, McMahon is back in an active role in the company, and Kross recently shared his honest thoughts on that considering his unique situation. 

Wrestling fans might assume Karrion Kross and other recently-returned wrestlers might be wondering if they’ll be sent home from upcoming WWE events now that McMahon is back in the company, but Kross indicated in a recent interview that isn’t the case for him. The wrestler spoke to San Antonio Express-News about being unable to escape the news about McMahon and how he’s feeling right now (via

It’s in my news feeds, it’s everywhere. It’s inescapable at this point. But the people that I have spoken to about it, like my personal friends in the business, no one’s really concerned or afraid for their job. All of us are ready to adapt… I think everyone’s just taking it day by day to see where everything lands, and we’re all trying to remain optimistic.

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