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Jeremy Renner Provides Big Update On Recovery, And Mayor Of Kingstown Season 2 Is Involved


Legions of fans and celebrities have been sending their fair share of well wishes to Jeremy Renner, who was involved in a “traumatic” accident at the top of the new year. The 52-year-old A-lister was reportedly run over by his snow plow in the aftermath of a massive storm. Renner himself has since kept the public abreast of his condition, with his family sharing “progress goals” as well. Now, the Hollywood vet has provided a big update, and it involves the second season of his hit show, Mayor of Kingstown

The drama series (which is available to stream using a Paramount+ subscription) dropped its second season this past weekend. Folks have been buzzing about it online and, as you would expect, the show’s official Twitter account has been hyping up Season 2 as well. And when it dropped a post on Monday, Jeremy Renner commented and confirmed that he got to watch the episode – from the comfort of his own home: 

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