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Emma Roberts Explains Why She Was Excited To Work With Her Aunt Julia Roberts’ Longtime Co-Star Richard Gere


Emma Roberts has been following in the footsteps of her father Eric Roberts and her aunt Julia Roberts over the years with a successful career in Hollywood. The 31-year-old’s latest role does that in more ways than one, as she stars in a romantic comedy with Richard Gere. No, they aren’t love interests; Gere plays Roberts’ father in the flick, but for obvious reasons, her latest costar “just made so much sense” to the actress. 

Julia Roberts and Richard Gere are one of those favorite pairings that have gone down in history in the best romantic comedies of all time. So when Emma Roberts recently spoke about working with Gere in her upcoming movie, Maybe I Do, she recalled the actors’ memorable collaborations with her aunt:

I loved him in Runaway Bride and Pretty Woman… Obviously, he’s worked with my aunt. So to get to work with him felt like full circle.

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