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Chicago Fire’s Taylor Kinney Is Stepping Away From The NBC Drama


Chicago Fire has been going strong for eleven seasons so far, and stands out from other dramas for holding onto many original cast members for over a decade at this point. Now, one of those stars is stepping away from the hit NBC drama. Taylor Kinney will take a leave of absence from Chicago Fire Season 11. The show returned to the network in 2023 with the winter premiere on January 4 and is now entering a brief, pre-scheduled break until February 8. 

Taylor Kinney is reportedly taking a break from Chicago Fire‘s eleventh season, according to Deadline, which cites a source stating that the actor’s leave of absence is to accommodate a personal matter, with cast and crew said to be informed on Friday before the news publicly broke. Nobody at NBC, Chicago Fire, or Wolf Entertainment has released a statement at the time of writing. No further details are available so far. It’s expected that Season 11 rewrites will be necessary in light of his leave of absence.

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