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Chainsaw Man Is The Most Intense Anime I’ve Seen In Years, And You Have To Watch It

There are some awesome anime out there for people to start out on, and 2022 featured several that I’m a big fan of. Attack on Titan had its second part of its finale (and is going to release a third in 2023). The sports anime genre was redefined with Blue Lock. We even got a wholesome spy anime in the form of Spy x Family. There have been such great ones that have truly captured attention. 

But nothing – and I mean nothing – compares to the chokehold that the new MAPPA anime, Chainsaw Man, had on me when I would log onto Crunchyroll every Tuesday afternoon. The show tells the story of Denji, a young man who is given the heart of the Chainsaw Devil in order to survive a brutal experience and give him the opportunity to transform parts of his body into chainsaws. However, he is taken in by the Public Safety Devil Hunters due to his new powers, and he discovers there is far more to the world out there than he ever believed there to be. 

This, right here, is the most brutal and intense anime I have seen in a long time – and today, I’m going to go over the reasons as to why you need to watch it. 

Aki in Chainsaw Man.

(Image credit: Crunchyroll)

The Characters Are Badass In Their Own Ways – And Relatable Too

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