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Avatar 2’s Bailey Bass On Those Underwater Scenes ‘My Least Favorite Thing To Do’

Out of all of the feats that Avatar: The Way of Water has accomplished, some of the most impressive didn’t require the assistance of CGI. With several members of the cast learning to free dive for the underwater sequences featured in the massively popular sci-fi movie, a lot of the hype for the long-awaited sequel centered around this physically practical feat. 

However, for actor Bailey Bass, that part of the job was, at least in the beginning, her “least favorite thing to do.” Bass took part in an interview with Shape, and talked about the pressure that came with her Avatar 2 role of Tsireya. A member of the aquatic-based Metkayina Tribe, the young Na’vi is one of the characters who help the Sully family learn The Way of Water in their exile from the forests of Pandora. 

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