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Austin Butler Keeps Getting Roasted For His Elvis Voice, But Now His Voice Coach Has Defended Him


After Austin Butler worked tirelessly to embody Elvis Presley for Baz Luhrmann’s lively biopic about the music icon, the actor has been on the award season circuit for his Oscar-worthy performance. As Butler has made numerous appearances, including his recent Golden Globes win, fans have shown concern that he sounds like Elvis in real life. While some people have accused the actor of putting on an Elvis front as of late, one of his vocal coaches thinks she knows why Butler can’t shake the famous accent. 

Griffith University Associate Professor Irene Bartlett was among the vocal specialists who worked with Austin Butler on Elvis regarding his accent. When speaking to ABC Gold Coast, Bartlett defended Butler against those roasting him for still talking like the “Burning Love” singer. She shared that the larynx does not stabilize in a person until their early 30s (Butler is 31), making it very much possible that the accent he worked on perfecting for three years may very much be part of his actual voice for some time. In her words: 

I feel sorry people are saying that, you know, it’s still acting [but] he’s actually taken [the voice] on board. I don’t know how long that will last, or if it’s going to be there forever.

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