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Adapting Stephen King’s Jerusalem’s Lot: 2021’s Chapelwaite Is A Creepy And Horrific Prequel To King’s Beloved Vampire Novel

This year marks the 45th anniversary of Stephen King’s short story collection Night Shift, and it’s a tome that should not only be celebrated for its literary legacy (being the first of 10 omnibuses to be published by King to date), but because of its impact on the filmmaking world. In the last half century, the 20 stories included between its covers have inspired 10 Hollywood adaptations – from Children Of The Corn to the premiere episode of the Creepshow TV series – and while that number counts the controversial 1992 film The Lawnmower Man, it doesn’t include the many sequels that have also been produced or the movies that have been made as part of the Dollar Baby program.

It’s a well from which many still drink. 2023 will likely see another title added to the expansive library with Rob Savage’s The Boogeyman – which has completed production but presently doesn’t have a release date – and the most recent adaptation was released less than two years ago: the on-going Epix series Chapelwaite, which is based on the very first story in Night Shift: “Jerusalem’s Lot.”

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