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Adam Sandler Talks 340-Page Script And Other Details About His Upcoming Movie With Uncut Gems’ Directors


Adam Sandler has had excellent success with the Safdie Brothers. He took on a more serious role in their crime thriller Uncut Gems playing a gambling addict who needs to pay off his debts by retrieving an expensive gem, and his performance was met with lots of praise and acclaim from audiences and critics alike. As the former SNL actor has decided to do another movie with this dynamic filmmaking duo, he opened up about the movie’s 340-page long script and other details that will leave you psyched.

While the 56-year-old actor still lures audiences with his goofy comedies, he’s shown a different side of himself lately with dramas like Uncut Gems and the Rotten Tomatoes-crushing Netflix movie Hustle. Now, with his second collaboration with the Uncut Gems directors coming up, Adam Sandler spoke on THR’s Awards Chatter podcast about what viewers can look forward to from him and the Safdie Brothers, including the super-long script he was given.

They’ve been writing this movie we’re supposed to do together for a couple years. They just write hundreds and hundreds of pages. I’ll read them and I’ll say, ‘I like the part when this …’ And they’ll be like, ‘Oh, that’s not in it anymore. We did a whole other thing. We’re going to send you a new draft.’ They just don’t stop writing and thinking and coming at every angle they can, and this movie we’re going to do is pretty amazing. The first draft of the new one was 340 pages! It was insane and it was great.

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