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8 Sexually Explicit Movies To Watch On Hulu

Well, folks, we are firmly into the new year, and while I hope you’re all making the kinds of changes you want to ensure that you have a better, bolder, brighter life, there will always be some things that remain the same. For many of us, that might be sticking with our streaming services in spite of frustrations like rising costs, but for others, it means that when they want to relax, sometimes they want to do it with, um…a movie that’s a bit saucier than average. And, there ain’t nothing wrong with watching folks pretend to have some adult time if that’s what you need, OK?

But, with the wealth of streaming options, how does one who is, shall we say, in the mood, locate a steamy film that’ll do the trick? (Don’t ask me what “the trick” is. I think you know.) Well, we’ve already given you some ideas for the most sexually explicit movies on Netflix, as well as similarly sexy fare on HBO Max, and now those with a Hulu subscription can delight in these great, sexually explicit movies on Hulu. Enjoy!

charlotte gainsbourg in nymphomaniac

(Image credit: Zentropa Entertainments)

Nymphomaniac: Vol. I And Vol. II – Extended Director’s Cuts (2014)

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